Learn ACT, Practice exercises, Track emotional health,
Guided meditations.

Easy to follow

ACT Lessons

Learn ACT skills with user-friendly videos and animations. There are over 50+ video lessons 200+ images and rich formatted content.

ACT Lessons
Record Diary Entries
Use it to

Record Diary Entries

Record your mood, skills, emotions, urges, behaviors, activities and journal multiple times a day.

Easy to follow

Practice Exercises

Practice ACT using well-designed exercises that replaces worksheets. Leave your manual at home and do your exercises from anywhere.

Track Progress
Crisis Survival list
Track ACT measures

ACT Measures

Track your weekly and daily ACT measures to better gauge your progress.

Easy to

Share your data

Share what you want to share with your provider and care team. Providers in our clinician app can see it in real-time. You can also share via email with who you choose.

Track Progress
Stay on top of everything with

Reminders & Affirmations

We provide a range of options to set multiple daily or weekly reminders for diary card entry, meditations, affirmations or anything else to help you stay on top of ACT Skills.

Even more features

Engage and stay up-to-date

Engage better with your provider by taking assessments, doing homeworks all in the app. Additional tools such as summary, quiz and meditations keep you up to date with your ACT practice.



Wow! They have create a video for every skill. It is very easy to follow. I am learning ACT on my own and found this lot more easier than reading the manual and learning on the internet. Also I can access from anywhere. I don’t know all aspects of ACT yet , but I am sure this App will take me all the way there. Great job and thanks for saving my life. My nearest ACT Therapist is 100+ miles away

Ashley Gantt

Very useful. I wish this was in German. But the videos make it great. Diary card design is great. Love the meditations. An all in one great app.

Maggie Smith

I just downloaded this app because I was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I like the detailed explanations of skills and practice ideas. Also how easy it is to do my diary card entries. My therapist also loves the format of the diary card report


The breadth of knowledge in this app is astounding. You don’t need to carry a 10 lb book, but can do everything at your fingertips from anywhere. The diary card design is awesome. Love the summary - especially diary card streak. And love the achievements section. Still looking into other areas..

Liz Donald9

Fantastic app. Thank you! I have only used diary card so far and I can say that this is the most use friendly ACT app out there. The exercises are really helpful. Also love the lessons with cards and video to explain all the concepts.

Daniel Smith

Visually appealing at the same time very comprehensive. This is the best ACT app and may be mental health app on playstore. I don’t need to download multiple apps for diary card, meditations and crisis list etc.

Cheryl Atwood

I love this app. Just started exploring and cant believe how pleased I am. I have been looking for an app like this for a while. Thanks developer! If there was an option to give more than 5 stars, I would give 10.

Esther B

Thank you for building a beautiful and complete app that covers everything in ACT. Love the design. A lot of thought has been put into this app. I love that I can customize my Diary Card skills and targets. Further, statistics, graphs and streak keeps me grounded with ACT Skills. There are so many features, anyone serious about keeping on track with ACT skills should use this app.


Very professional looking app. Covers everything about ACT. I am going to use meditations from here I think. I am already paying 10$ for a meditation app. This has it all.. Havent spent much time exploring the details of ACT but so far really like it.

Steven Blank507

The app is fairly comprehensive. Seems like the developer has really understood ACT therapy, groups and what is involved with it. I was skeptical at first, but as I dug into it I realized how much detailed this is. I love the design. There's so much info packed in such a small form factor.

Alix Newman

Excellent! This will be my go to app for ACT from now on. Have been frustrated with low usability of existing apps on playstore. There is so much detail in this. A skills group member told me today that I can do my worksheets on this app. Wow! I didn’t even realize that and I was still amazed by the ap.

Nicola M672

WOW! Excellent app! I had been struggling to practice ACT because I didn't always have a pen & paper on hand... Since I DO always have my device handy, this will improve tremendously my use of daily Diary cards. Further the content is so rich. I am a visual person - so the videos are perfect. There are so many features, I am just in love with it.

Kendra Jackson57

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record multiple times a day?

Yes. You can record entries as many times as you like?.

Can I share my diary card report?

Yes. You can share your diary card with your therapist / care team. It also integrates to a therapist portal.

Do you have lessons for each skill?

Yes and even more. There are over 100+ video lessons and 200+ animations.

Do you have practice ideas for each skill?

We currently have practice ideas for most skills. It gives ideas on how you can practice these skills.

What are mood correlations?

They are top 5 items in each category (emotions, activities, sleep, meditcations etc) that correspond to a particular mood. It is what are the most common things you selected when you selected a particular mood.

Do you have a monthly subscription?

Yes. We have a monthly subscription, but we don't believe anyone can learn ACT in a month. We offer a discounted six month subscription as well as a monthly subscription depending on your choice. We have a 3-day trial period during which you can access all areas of the app for free.

How do I set reminders for different times on different days?

You can set multiple reminders. For eg. you can set a daily reminder say at 8 AM. But also set a weekly reminder repeating on specific days at another time.

Can I do my homework or worksheets in the app?

Yes. If your provider is on our clinician app, they can assign you homework and assessments to you and you can complete and submit them all via the app.